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Bye-Bye Comments

As of today, comments are no longer allowed on this blog. There are way, WAY, way too many spammers on line. They clog my inbox, try to steal some of my gold and absolutely don’t serve any constructive purpose.

I don’t care if you link to my blog or +1 what you read here. I do want to talk with you if you are willing to contribute to a healthy conversation. Let’s engage. I’m on Google+ and encourage you to talk to me there. Be real. Make a case for your point. Argue with me. Maintain personal boundaries. Be real. Be real. Be real.

I’m a Cyborg

I’m a Cyborg. You’re a Cyborg, too.  We exist on line and have the ability to converse with others, to interact, without being together to do it. Want to find me on line? Here is where I {sometimes} live.

Facebook: I live here via my phone and laptop. I have a GlamGirlSays Facebook page where I connect with people about that glittery yet practical side of me. As a matter of common sense, I publish only what I’m willing to have on the front page of a newspaper with little or no discomfort which leaves room for plenty of humor and sarcasm minus hideous ‘Oh no, you didn’t do that’ pictures.

Twitter: This is where I share my own thoughts as well as passing on and promoting thoughts of others – brevity and randomness are qualities I like about Twitter.  I also like being able to learn from or connect to people from other states and countries and I really like using Twitter as a primarily news source because of it’s immediacy. The world is a bit more intimate on Twitter. I’m here mainly via my phone and occasionally on my laptop. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with the app ‘Flipboard’ on my phone and love it.

Google+: I really like being able to follow anyone I want on Google+. There isn’t the formal “Friend Request” like there is on Facebook. If someone has a Google+ account, you can add them to the your ‘circle’ and follow their posts. It’s a newer platform so most of the people I relate with are strangers which gives me different perspectives on topics. It’s also a news source. The content is of a general higher caliber than Facebook. It’s fresher and more interesting. It seems like people share in greater depth. There is freedom on Google+. I access it mainly on my laptop but I’m increasing the use on my phone.

LinkedIn: This is my professional self.  My work experience is listed.  Education, my degree, certificate and my license are all listed as well as a complete skill set. I’m keeping it up to date as I learn new skills and reach out to new contacts. If you aren’t on LinkedIn, why not?  It’s a great resources for business and in a way, keeps a person growing professional.

Google: I googled myself (yes, it’s a verb now) and for 95% of the first 6 pages, I’m the main content.  After that is Krista van Veen and Krista Reynolds Van Veen.  None of us are related. Google is exactly the reason why your mother tells you not to post drunken pictures on line.  Listen to her.  Keep it clean.

Places that I have had content that didn’t work for me and I’ve either archived it or will be deleting the account are and YouTube., a site designed to be your graphically interactive digital resume is for a more artistically gifted person than I and LinkedIn is better suited to my needs.  I guess the same goes for YouTube. I take plenty of pictures but hardly any videos and the ones I do take are usually of my dogs and they won’t sign the release forms.

Want to learn more about being a Digital Cyborg? Watch this TED talk by Amber Case. Great stuff. Worth watching a few times. I’ve downloaded it and check back in with it every few months.

How many places do you live digitally? Are they old profiles? Do they represent you in the way you want? Do they still serve you or are they draining you? Think about who you are on line.

Checking In

My Family at the Beach

Happy at the Beach!

I’m alive.

Tomorrow will be 365 days since I posted.  I’m both ashamed and at peace with that.  Life grabbed me by the ear in 2011, thumped me upside the head, demanded that I open my eyes and my heart and brought me the most amazing partner.  I was and am ecstatic.  Life also said that if I wanted to keep that amazing Sweet Man, I had to leave my family in Portland, OR and follow Sweet Man to California.

So, 364 days after my last post, I sit in Monterey, CA on the first day of 2012 and ponder a future I NEVER would have considered even a remote possibility.  But here I am.

I’m glad to be back here with you.  So many themes and thoughts to share.  Looking forward to it.