Feet on the ground, stars in my eyes ~


I, Me, My

Dreams – slippery suckers – especially for me as I’m a wanderer and a nurturer by nature. Those two don’t often balance well.  They work against each other like angry twins conspiring to derail my dreams.  I often tell people that I have ‘voices in my head’ ~ not those kind of voices! ~ but as I write this, I realize that it’s those angry twins dueling for attention.  It’s the twins/voices/dreams that push me to write GlamGirlSays.

VERY IMPORTANT => In 2004,  I was the proud owner of almost $300k of debt.  No lie.  Sit with how that shit feels for a little bit.  It was killing me.  At my lowest point, a friend mailed me $20.  I was so grateful and ashamed, I wept and made a commitment to myself – NO MORE DEBT.  At this time, I have a credit card with $1494 and my car loan with $10,959.  I’m close enough to being Debt Free that I can now DREAM!

Currently, I live in Portland, OR, have a fabulous and colorful large family, 2 chihuahuas and live in a studio.  I’m an anal retentive, detail person who likes lots of color and glitter (there’s those angry twins, again!).  I’ve walked 9 marathons, countless half-marathons and relays.  I do it for the shiny medals.  I spread the love of walking by volunteering for the Discovery Walk Festival annually (Volunteer with me!).

With my oldest son, I’ve started {Vector} and Soul Web Design & Development; my specialty being the Social Media component.  With my youngest son, I indulge my penchant for nonconformity and will be getting another tattoo in the Spring.

I’m a contributor to, am published in Brief Messages from the Heart and edited When Chocolate Loses Its Sweetness by Mark Victor.

I’m proud of each of these accomplishments.

The day is fast approaching when I hoist my pack over my shoulder, lock the door on my tiny house and take off on a wonderful adventure.  I’m really excited you’re here to experience it with me.

By way of this blog, your eyes and my fingers, it’s very nice to meet you.